Pam Jenner, Textile Artist

Pentacost Banner

The Pentecost is found in the book Acts and marked the anointing and coming of the Holy Spirit and creation of the church. We annually celebrate the birth of our universal church 50 days after Easter Sunday. The color for the entire Pentecost season is red, although many traditions use green in the "Ordinary Season" after Pentecost Sunday. This is a time for believers to grow and mature in their faith.

DOVE: is the primary symbol of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit was present as a dove at the baptism of Christ, hence the water drop that the Dove is in.

FIRE: represents the presence of God in his glory. Also, it symbolizes the presence of God in the Holy Spirit. It also symbolizes the Apostles at Pentecost being filled with the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:3).

WIND: the Spirit which blows where it pleases according to the plan of God.

WHEAT: is the symbol for the bread of life, being the fundamental ingredient in bread. Bread is a symbol of God's provision of life, just as he continues to provide for the church even after His ascension by sending his Holy Spirit to live in our midst.

HEARTS: 50 of them for the days between Easter and Pentecost. The heart is a symbol of love and devotion. According to Scripture, the heart is the inner person, the moral and spiritual center. God engages our heart, mind and spirit in relationship with him.