Pam Jenner, Textile Artist

Easter Banner

Dawn: Rebirth, regeneration, new life, hope, salvation and eternal life.

Clouds: These pink clouds represent the presence of God.

White: represents purity holiness and is used at Easter.

Butterflies: 40 of them for the forty days in the fabrics as well as the cut out ones. Resurrection derived from nature are linked to spring, a season of new life.

Water: Symbolic of God's blessings in the form of spiritual refreshment and nourishment. God is described as the fountain of living water. Water is also a symbol of the blessing of eternal life.

Tomb: Resurrection

Spring Season: New Life

Crane: Renewal and resurrection in early Christian iconography because its migratory flight announced the coming of spring. The crane is also a model of Christian vigilance. The crane keeps itself awake by standing on one foot and holding a stone in the other. If it nods off, the stone falls and awakens it.